Craig & Karlet Muster

Craig and Karlet Muster serve as Co-Leaders of Jesus Generation Discipleship Movement and Churches, a ministry based in Fort Worth, TX dedicated to discipling and raising up a Fierce Generation of Worshipers, grounded in the Word, Discipling Nations! 

Having served for 14 years as Senior Pastors of Awakening Church in Carlsbad, CA, their love for the church grew exponentially. Their lives have truly been defined by the Love of Father God, the Truth of Jesus and the Power of the Holy Spirit. With experience in Church Planting, Pastoring, Writing Songs, Leading Worship, Conference Speaking, Authoring Books and Executive Coaching, they’ve used each platform to see the Body of Christ rooted in the Truth, Love and Power of Christ. Karlet’s passion for Truth led her to get her Masters of Science and Religion from Biola University.  Craig’s passion for presence and leadership development led him to starting ministry schools and Business and Executive Coaching. They’ve had the amazing privilege of co-laboring with Jesus to see people healed of cancer, deafness, migraines, see them come out of wheelchairs, set free from addictions, delivered from bondage, and marriages and families restored to wholeness. 

Craig and Karlet currently reside in Fort Worth, TX with their son and daughters, Moses, Sophia and Bella.