Plunder Darkness

By Craig Muster

We’ve all experienced DARKNESS.

Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and even Terror… I’ve EXPERIENCED ALL these things first hand.

IF WE ALLOW IT, Darkness always seeks to define us. Trauma, loss, grief, terror etc … They all would like their voice to be what molds our self perception, our possibilities, and the life we have the capacity to live.

But does it have to be ?

This 21 Day Masterclass Immersion “Plunder Darkness” is based off of Craig’s in depth book Plunder Darkness: An Experiential Journey. It includes group coaching mastermind sessions, a private community to process and share your victories, pain and plunder with, and Craig’s personal insights into the learned art of Plundering Darkness.

Imagine being immersed into 21 days of deep community, precision insight and actionable steps. Join the Pilgrimage, Join the Tribe. Plunder Darkness!